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Hi Tech Auto Electrics specialise in Electric Trailer Brake Systems to suit all vehicles.

Fitting an Electric Trailer Brake System to Volkswagon, Mercedes, BMW and Audi can be difficult and should not be attempted by inexperienced persons. These cars will bring on all sorts of fault codes on the instrument cluster if wired incorrectly. It is best to be installed by a qualified technician.

Modern vehicles now may have special requirements to avoid body control module issues.
Hi Tech Auto Electrics have many options for all vehicles and budgets.

Remote Head Electric Brake Controllers fit neatly into the dash facia taking up less room than the old under dash mounted type.

Red Arc Tow Pro Elite Brake Controller is a good example of Remote Head Brake Controller.
Hi Tech Auto Electrics will also run a hot wire to operate fridge’s in caravans or heavy duty charging wire for charging rear batteries.

With so many options, it is advised to call us at Hi Tech Auto Electrics or drop in to our Welshpool Store for an accurate Quote and explanation of the various different systems and options.

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Hi Tech Auto Electrics Australia specialise in Dual Battery Systems for your car.

Dual Battery Systems are required when your vehicle is used for running fridges, exterior lights when camping and other accessories that use excessive power when the vehicle is parked so you need plenty of reserve battery power.

A second, or in some vehicles, a third battery is used as an auxiliary to power these devices. These batteries are usually deep cycle or dual purpose batteries.  There are many different ways to wire these systems.  If getting quotes from various companies you need to ensure your quotes are for the same items.  At Hi Tech we will take the time to talk to you to ensure you get the best solution for your situation.

Some vehicles require BC-DC battery chargers to correctly charge the auxiliary battery and some vehicles do not.  This item will cost a couple of hundred dollars, more than a conventional smart solenoid.  This device separates the batteries when the vehicle is turned off.

The battery itself can vary in price a great deal depending on capacity and quality.  This battery then requires mounting in the vehicle.  Some vehicles have no space under the bonnet and will require external mounting.  In these cases, extra cables for 12v outlets or start override may also be required.  When you get a quote for these systems make sure you are getting apples for apples.

Please call us at Hi Tech Auto Electrics on 9361 0288 to see which scenario is best for you.


Reversing Cameras are becoming more important these days as vehicles become harder to see out of the rear window.

There are many types of reverse camera systems on the market and they vary a lot in quality and performance.  Most cheap wireless reverse camera systems do not perform as well as the picture quality is poor and wireless reception causes flickering or loss of picture all together.

Here at Hi Tech Auto Electrics we only install hard-wired systems, which are of a good quality to ensure a clear picture.  At Hi-Tech we have small vehicle systems through to trucks, motor homes, dual systems for caravans and permanent rear vision type systems.

At Hi-Tech Auto Electrics, we can supply and install sensors for parking to all makes and model vehicles.  Sensors can be colour coded to match the paint colour of your vehicle.

Give Hi-Tech Auto Electrics a call or drop by with your vehicle for the best solution to suit your requirements.




At Hi-Tech Auto Electrics Australia we can help you with the following Restoration Program.


Headlight Restoration and Maintenance Program in 3 Simple Steps

As your car gets older so do the plastic lenses on your headlights.  They start to deteriorate and turn yellow.  This leads to significant reduction in the output of your lights.  This deterioration is caused by UV exposure and abrasion over time.


Step 1 – Restore

The Headlamp Restoration Kit is a premium quality product designed to restore plastic headlamp lenses back to as new condition.

The kit comes with cleaners, sandpaper, polish and polishing clothes.  Plus a UV resurface coating and full instructions.

Your headlights will look brand new.

Step 2 – Aim

The correct headlight alignment improves on road performance.  In conjunction with restoring your headlights having them positioned correctly is also a safety requirement.  Misaligned lights are a hazard to on coming drivers.

At Hi-Tech Auto Electrics we can align your headlights correctly to achieve maximum performance.


Step 3 – Upgrade

Upgrading your headlights to high performance bulbs will improve your lighting without any modification to the vehicle.  We have a range of different lights to choose from including brighter, longer distance, clearer vision and very white.   This is particularly important in a variety of winter conditions including heavy rain and fog.


Hi Tech Auto Electrics Perth Western Australia Welshpool Understanding Car Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in vehicles is different to houses or stationery systems because they move due to the vehicles engine movement and body flex rubber joining hoses are used and the manual pump (compressor) is driven by a fan belt. On a house system these are all copper lines and electric compressor.

Motor vehicle systems therefore tend to leak, even new cars will require regassing after 5 years or so. Some vehicles can last a lot longer by chance.

The gas leaks small amounts through the rubber hose just like a car tyre will go flat after a few years even when there is no leak present.

At Hi Tech Auto Electrics we test all vehicle air conditioning systems for leaks before, during and after regassing. If no leaks are detected we add ultra violet dye to the system to enable future testing.

Every vehicle has a specific weight of gas required to fill the system.   When a vehicle is regassed the system must be degassed and evacuated to remove all gas from the system.

This ensures the correct weight of gas is refilled. Too much or too little gas will affect performance as pressure switches will trip the system at high or low pressure.

When you turn your air conditioning on the gas in the system removes heated air from the cabin and transfers it to the front of the vehicle were your engine fan removes the heat from the gas. The process starts again the gas is pumped back inside where it collects more heat from the air.

When you get into your vehicle on a hot day, wind down the windows and remove as much heat as possible before pushing the Air Conditioning button. This will allow the vehicle to cool faster when Air Conditioning is switched on.

Hi Tech Auto Electric’s can test, service, regas or replace Air Conditioning System parts in our fully equipped workshop.

On completion of all regassing the vehicle can be returned after a couple of weeks for a free leak test (no booking required).

Hi Tech Auto Electrics cannot guarantee the components, hoses, compressor, condenser, evaporator, TX value, drive etc as these components can fail at any time. We do our best to ensure the system is operating at its best before it leaves our shop.

Hi Tech Auto Electrics only uses the gas recommended for your vehicle. Be aware of cheap drop in gasses as some are flammable and mot suppliers of new parts will not warrant parts when exposed to these gasses.  Most vehicles use R134A Gas.

Call Hi Tech Auto Electrics if you have any questions or just need a regas. We will be happy to help

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